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Default Sunday Morning Coming Down

Truer words as those in the title of this thread have never been spoken, but today, for yours truly at least, far different reasons than those expressed in the late Johnny Cash's ballad.

Because Fran was getting so tired yesterday, I insisted on helping her pack for our cruise next week. BIG mistake! I now know why she get's so tired. I was still exhausted when I awoke this morning.

I had insisted that we cut back on the amount of clothes, toiletries and for lack of a better term, the ancillary crap and drastically reduce the number of bags we took on our first cruise in June of 06. She vigorously agreed and she did cut back. I just don't know where. I kinda' wanted it to be a tad more of a decrease than actually resulted. At least I don't believe I'll have to borrow the Freightliner and 53 foot trailer as I did two years ago.

As always, our hearts continue to be with those of you who are suffering illness or travail and urge you to keep your faith. Some of us have learned that God has a reason for everything. That is why I long ago adopted a saying oft heard around these parts, "Ain't nothin' gonna' happen today what's me and the Lord can't handle."

Hope everyone has a glorious Sunday and a Happy Father's Day.

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