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Thanks for the clarification.


Do they have Hospice care in Canada? I've had several friends succumb from various causes (mostly cancer) that have had Hospice. They uniformally said it is an outstanding service. It is covered under many health insurance policies in the States and I understand, although I can't carve it in stone, at either a low or insignificant cost if any, for those on Medicare or Medicaid. Hospice took care of all the treatment (dispensing of required meds, bed changing, etc.) and was an absolute boon to the famiilies.


Yeah, I'm with you on that one brother from now on! After all, didn't we both long ago learn that "Mother knows best?"


That's what we're having for dinner as well but the better half is fixin' 'em.


PS, just as I was typing my name, making an error of leaving off the first letter, Fran came in and stood behind me. When I realized what I'd done and went to correct it, she said, "Wouldn't it be more appropriate if you just left it like it is and added your name next to it?"

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