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Do they have Hospice care in Canada? I've had several friends succumb from various causes (mostly cancer) that have had Hospice. They uniformally said it is an outstanding service. It is covered under many health insurance policies in the States and I understand, although I can't carve it in stone, at either a low or insignificant cost if any, for those on Medicare or Medicaid. Hospice took care of all the treatment (dispensing of required meds, bed changing, etc.) and was an absolute boon to the famiilies.


Todd, yes we have hospice and palliative care centres, both in regular hospitals and in separate facilities, but our goal is to let my mother pass away at home, I am a nurse and can well take care of administering to medical needs ( skin care, bedding, pain control ) and if I could not, the palliative team comes to the house as well daily, several times a day . We do not pay for this as we have medicare and thankfully bills are not a concern at this time. It's our goal, if it cannot be for what ever reason, then she would go to a palliative care setting in hospital or palliative centre. My brother wanted to pass away at home but two days before he got scared and wanted to go to hospital and died in a palliative setting in hospital with my mother and I caring for him. I am just plkanning for all the possible out comes and she can tell us what she wants when the time comes. Others , like Nan in the fall, wanted to stay home, and right to the end, wanted to stay home and passed peacefully at home.
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