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Originally Posted by ToddDH

I was referring to "at home." While I think in this country they started out with such services at hospitals, nursing homes, etc., now the patient is in the home and they come directly to your home for palliative care, at least in these parts they do. Of course, I'm sure there are circumstances where the patient must be in the hospital. The individuals about whom I referred all passed away in their own homes.

Your mother is certainly fortunate to have someone such as you as both her daughter and one of her nurses.

Hi Todd, then yes, sorry I mis understoad, there is palliative care/hospice care for at home! Differant places use differant terms, but yes we have it, but one thing about nurses, they always think they can do it better, and for me, and my mother, I will do most of the care because it comes naturally to me, and also because of a trust factor with my mother.
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