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Good afternoon everyone:

We just returned from our Father's Day weekend. We left yesterday for an overnight stay in our favorite hotel in downtown Minneapolis. We "were" going to eat dinner at a great soul food restaurant but once we arrived we walked up to the door and found it locked. This was strange because I know it was open two weeks ago. I asked a passerby and they told me that they had a fire two days ago and the kitchen is closed and he doesn't know when they will reopen.

This led to a very strange gastronomic evening. Next door to the soul food restaurant was a BBQ place so we figured we'd give it a shot. We received our orders and were basically appalled. Betty had a half rack of ribs and I had BBQ'd chicken. Both were so over cooked that even with the sauce it was hard to swallow the meat. I took one bit out of the breast and thigh and could eat no more. The macaroni and cheese, greens and potato salad side dishes were equally as bad. This is not the best part of town I decided it was better to just pay the bill and go rather than make a stink so that's what we did. They did ask why we didn't eat more and I did answer honestly that the meat was very over cooked and the waitress just said: "Looks fine to me". So much for the tip. We paid at the cash register and left.

We were still hungry and walked a little farther to an extremely small Vietnamese place. We figured "What the heck it can't be any worse than the other place." Well it wasn't worse than the other place it was wonderful. Betty had a wonderful soup and pho (vegetables) and I had a Vietnamese noodle salad and both were delicious. The only problem was that the portions were enough to fee six people instead of two. We ate what we could and then paid the huge $12 bill. Once we walked out of the building the wind hit us like a truck and we looked for a taxi. We saw one sitting about a half a block up. We made a run for it but another person got to it before us and it drove away as we ran up. It then started to pour. We were soaked in seconds. Earlier it had been sunny and 68 degrees. Betty's eagle eyes then saw a bus stop just a half block farther and we ran for it. We made it to the bus stop and within a minute the bus arrived. We had no idea where it was going and didn't care but to our luck it was going right by our hotel and we rode it to the front door. It was a fun night.

This morning we had dinner with the kids and grand kids on the top of the IDS building. It was a lovely and elegant brunch with a whole roasted pig and huge array of delicious and fresh items. As I was at the roasted pig station I asked for an ear and the carver smiled and said "You know what the best part is." however the woman behind me made a "Hmfff" sound and left the line and disappeared. Weird. The ear tastes just like pork rinds, that are sold in the potato chip isle, but much less salty. Try it, you'll like it. Even my granddaughter likes them.

Now that we're home we're going to try and get some rest. Something about staying in a hotel is like the first night on a cruise ship. It seems like you can never get a full nights sleep until the second night.

Take care and thanks for reading my monologue.
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