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Default Re: regarding mother daughter documents, dads permission let

Since when did this become a requirement? I have read where the new passport requirements become effective on December 31, 2005 therefore, I thought all you needed was your child's original birth certificate.

For the ones that are asking.....when are you departing? But I also see where some have already been asked that and I have not read nor have I been told that documentation from the other parent was required.

We are leaving in October 2005 on Carnival Conquest. I do not have contact with my children's father in about 3 years and do not know his whereabouts. And because he basically didn't show up for the last 3 court dates back in 2002, nothing has ever been officially done. It would cost me literally an "arm and a leg" to get my attorney to draw up any kind of letter - heck, I still owe him from years ago!!
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