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Irish that was funny, and MsKmm seems to have the same trouble I did with these repeat posts I had a few days back.
Good Morning from a warm hot muggy Montreal. I am home for the graduation of my son tonight from College and I am very looking forward to a little bit of positive in my life as they days have been extremely difficult this past month and in particular this last week. I cannot believe my baby is graduating college, seems yesterday it was high school, and in two months its off to university. I am very proud of my son.
My mother is so so. She has a pump now for pain control. It will take getting used to for her. She broke down yesterday, it was all to much for her, I called the palliative care nurse and we all had a long talk. Our goal is to go home ASAP. The plan is we will wait now for the biopsy result, meaning they will see what type ( if any ) chemo may help, and then present her to the tumor board , this is a good thing as with difficult cases you have like a brainstorming session between surgery and oncolgy, pain, palliative care and so on for a good care plan tailored for the patient. I am a little worried not being there today, its the first time I am not there at all in a day, I will be glad when she is home again, as its easier to go to ( 1 hr 10 min away versus 2 hr 20 min) and come back home again.
My sister is coping. She looked pretty dreadful yesterday, and was difficult and angry, this is only normal given the issues in her life and if I feel sad and over whelmed I can only imagine what it is for her. Hopefully today will be a better day.
The "Kid" issues are coming along. I finished handing in all the paper work and now we are in a holding patern to wait. ( from insurance for the house etc) . I know he finds it hard I am gone alot now, but thankfully most everything he needed was done before this happened. Another friend of mine has also stepped in and helped with day to day contact.
My own DS is doing great. You cannot imagine how nice it is to come home and not find the house a disaster. He has done his best to cope and do things on his own.
I watched the news last night, I have missed that! There seems so much in the world going on, and also so much that stays the same!

Have a great day every one.
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