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Good Morning All,

Well the sun is out for a bit - in between storms I guess. We had storms roll in about 8 ish - and they lingered with lots of thunder, lightening and rain intil sometime after 1:30 - we are predicted to have more storms this afternoon. DH got home about 1:30 I think.

The pastor just called me to say there was no electricity at church or the parsonage - it went out about 1:30 a.m. He had not called to report it, so I let dh know. I told him that I would be in depending on when power was restored. I think I will just stay home. I still have more cleaning to do before the Baptism, and I have lots of church paper work I can do from here - plus work on the new Bible Study that I 'm starting...

Things are back to normal here - just as supper is almost ready ds announces he has two friends coming to swim - thankfully I made a lot, just no leftovers. I will be cooking again today. One boy wasn't sure if he should stay as he had just had his wisdom teeth out and is only eating soft food - I had to remind him I am the queen of soft food diets - he ate well!

Guess I shall try to use my time wisely...what a challenge,
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