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Good morning from central Texas where it is the usual HOT morning. Not a cloud in the sky, but lots of humidity coming up from the coast.

We have not had any rain in the last month, so have started watering ourselves. It cost a pretty penny to do so, but don't want things to dry out this soon.

Boys are doing well. Josh has settled into his job at Wal Mart, and Joe is still doing his thing at summer camp. That were notified that college would start later this year, so that means a little extra time for their summer jobs. Josh wanted to work through graduation, and just before the police academy which is in Feb, but he won't be able to get off for our cruises in Dec. It didn't take him long to figure out what to do with that situation.

Jim is busy getting the troops ready for another tour. He shakes his head at the changes in the guys over the years. Things sure are different than they use to be.

I wish all of my Cruisemates a good day. Delf, my prayers for you and your family during this almost unbelievable nightmare. I wish your mom well.

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