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Default Remember to pack your Common Sense before you leave.

After living in touristy areas and being a tourist myself, please pack your common sense and remember certain things. This is in noway ment to be mean....just observations of what people forget.

-Crime happens everywhere, even on vacation.
-Traffic happens most everywhere...just a part of life.
-Not everyone who lives in tourist areas work in tourist industry
- we need to get to work and are not on vaction time, so don't expect people to serve you
- we like fast food for lunch just like you do, so don't say it has become AMERICANIZED
-Don't get mad when people rush by you or blow a horn for you to get out the way...we go stuff to do
-If there are to many people at the airport or to many cruise ships in, don't get mad.. they are there just like you. Cruise Lines and Airlines dictate the schedule not the town or port.
-Americans shouldn't expect special priviledges in foreign countries or ports. (I am American) We are just like everyone else. Wait your turn in line.
-When you go snorkeling, put sunblock on the back of your thigh and calfs.
-Look both ways before you cross the street, not every country or territory drives on the right side of the road.
-Smile.... cruiseship, airline workers, hotel workers, etc. appreciate it.

---more to come, add yours.
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