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Originally Posted by You
Does anyone know or remember when they were in Seattle if there are car rental kiosks in the cruise terminals? Also what about public transportation in Seattle? Isn't it pretty good? Thrify car rental is the only rental place I see advertised that lets you rent a car at the cruise pier and drop it off at the airport without a fee. Any info would be very helpful.
For public transportation in Seattle, options are pretty limited.

>> There are ferries to various islands and across Puget Sound to Bremerton.

>> There's the monorail built to transport passengers between downtown and the fairgrounds, site of the Space Needle, for the Seattle World's Fair.

>> There are two significant Amtrak lines -- the eastward line to Chicago, which, IIRC, has about triweekly service, and the north-south line, which has three or four trains per day to Portland and Vancover and daily service to California.

>> And IIRC, there's a relatively new light rail line running north and south more or less along the waterfront.

But I would not rely on public transportation to get around the Seattle area.

I should add that there's a lot to see and to do in and around Seattle, but much of it is outside the city. Mount Rainier (aka Mount Tahoma or Mount Tacoma), readily visible above the clouds to the south from the ferries crossing Puget Sound, is the centerpiece a large park with hiking trails, etc. There's also a nice visitors' center at the salmon ladder along the channel between Puget Sound and Lake Washington that's worth a visit. I recommend picking up a guidebook to the area at a local bookstore as it will describe a lot more attractions in and around Seattle than I can discuss here.

Finally, you might want to consider staying at a hotel outside of the city rather than downtown. There's a strip right near the airport with a lot of hotels and restaurants that are much less expensive than their downtown counterparts.

Have a great trip!

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