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Default Most embarrasing Cruise Moment

I feel like laughing so lets hear everybodys most embarrasing cruise moment. Did it happen in your room? In the dining room? In the show lounge? Did you fall down?

I guess mine was more of my girlfriends moment. On our cruise in January she got out of the shower and went onto the balcony naked. (Not sure why). Right about that time the cabin steward knocked, didnt get an answer so he walked in. Guess you know where I am going with this right? Anyway, she goes back into the room and of course didnt know the attendant was there and he got the the story of the week for all his coworkers. She screamed and and looked to cover up but couldnt find anything quickly. The attendant was embarrased as well and tried to escape and while doing so tripped on my girlfriends beach bag and almost took a huge header. He bailed out of there quickly after that. I only caught the last few moments of this spectacle but I couldnt help but laugh my butt off at the whole episode. She was mad at me for a day or so but by the end of the week we both thought it was hysterical. Moral to the story? There isnt one I guess. Just enjoy yourself and dont sweat the small stuff. It made our trip that much more memorable!
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