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Default Delta procedures at Venice airport

Currently there are two Delta flights out of Venice, JFK and ATL. JFK leaves around 11:30 and ATL leaves around 1. The thing is that there are no DAL gate agents around until 0800-0815 to assist you. Some people get aggravated about this because no one is sure where to line up, etc. What happens is that around 0830-0840, one of those portable maze lines is set up on the left side, just opposite the kiosk number 7. The Business Elite line is all the way on the right oppositie kiosk number 12. If you get there before 0815, cue yourself on the left or right depending on your cabin ticket to wait for the agents. Once the agents are there, the line moves very fast. You'll have to go through security into the main terminal and then again through Passport Control, which takes all of 30 seconds.
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