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It wasn’t my most embarrassing moment it was actually my son’s. When he was 14 we were on Explorer of the Seas and docked in Saint Thomas (I think). After staying up half the night he was in no mood to go on any shore excursions with the rest of the family so stayed in bed on the ship. This just happened to be the day that the ship was exercising its emergency drills. When all of the ship’s alarms went off he was jolted out of a deep sleep. In a state of fatigue, confusion, being only halfway coherent and not exactly knowing what was happening his brain is thinking “Titanic” so he jumps up grabs his life vest and goes haul butting out the cabin, down the hallway, down the stairs and out to our lifeboat station. Several crew members saw him and went running after him as I guess they have seen such a thing before but didn’t get to him till he was at our muster station. He was mortified to say the least once he was clued in that this was only a drill. The rest of the trip it seemed that every crew member on board knew him and would acknowledge him or ask how he was doing whenever they walked by.
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