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Default Re: Mediterranean Weather

Georgie Girl,

Originally Posted by You
Has anyone been to the Med. in October? We are leaving Oct. 20th & will visit Barcelona, Venice, Naples, Florence, Rome, Monte Carlo, Croatia, & Tunisia. Will it still be warm, or more "Fallish". Should I bring a light-weight blazer, twin-set, etc? Or go with more summer-like tops? Hope to plan my daytime wardrobe around 1-2 pair of pants that I can mix & match with various tops. I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks.
Yes, I have been to the Mediterranean in October and November -- several times, in fact.

>> In the daytime, temperatures generally tend to be in the 70's F (lower 20's C) -- great for sightseeing! -- and somewhat warmer (80's F/upper 20's C) around the Greek Isles and the middle east and around the Strait of Gibraltar. Of course, cooler weather is always possible so bring a spring/fall jacket just in case.

>> Evening temperatures tend to drop back to the lower 60's or upper 50's except in the warmer regions, so you probably will want a shawl or a jacket if you step out on the promenades.

I should also mention that summer formalwear (a white or pastel dinner jacket, etc.) generally is not proper in the Mediterranean at this time of year. If there's a formal evening, gents should go with a black dinner jacket, such as a tuxedo, instead.

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