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Good Morning All,

Weather is being a pain here ....rain on tap for the next week I guess. Baptism has been postponed until tonight...let see if we have a break in the weather to allow it.

Yesterday got stuff done at church, probably because the lightening took out one phone limited calls! The phone company fixed it just as I had to leave. Had to get prescription filled and go to a retirement party at the school I used to work at. The head lunch lady retired. She is a nice woman that I have known for my entire life. Her daughter was in my grade at school. While I still worked at the school her husband passed away from liver complications due to a medicine he was given. There was a huge lawsuit from the families of all the people that passed away from this one medicine - all from the same liver complications. After all these years the case has been setteled and last week she received the news that she was now a millionaire plus. At age 63 she decided she did not need to be a lunch lady any longer! She is a member of our church. I assured her that I would make sure she kept busy by doing fun things like going out to lunch and road trips and such. She is a lot of fun to be with.

Today is work, and then home and more work and the baptism. I sound like a broken record. Oh, and try to figure something out for supper - I had that task. I think they are gonna get something easy, like eggs. And I refuse to feel guilty about it. They never let me know what they would really enjoy eating, and I am sick of thinking up stuff to eat.

Hope you all have a good day!

Hope all our Mates in the middle part of our country start drying out soon!
What a mess it is there. Heartbreaking really!
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