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Well, it's nice that all of you are thinking I am going on a cruise but, NOT!
I am going to Nova Scotia, WITHOUT my dh, who is still in too much pain to travel. The only reason I'm going alone is to honour the real estate appointments we've already made, we are house-hunting!

I also had an infuriating morning.
Left early for a mammogram appointment. What should have taken 15 minutes, took me 50 minutes the traffic was so bad. When I finally broke free of the traffic, I got a SPEEDING TICKET!! Never in my life have I got a speeding ticket, I was just passing a slow car!!
So not only was I extra late, the radiology dept would not give me a mammogram because I did not have my referral with me (lost it).
Sent me downstairs to see the Dr. for the referral, but of course, she was NOT THERE.
So now I have a new appointment, for which I will have to take time off work, plus I have to try to reach this unreachable Dr. for another referral.

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