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Well, this was flattering to me but embarassing for my son. When we were on Sentaiton in July/Aug 2007, we went up to the Sports deck late on the first afternoon. There had been a short downpour which delayed the Lido deck sail away party. We wanted to played a round of mini golf. Some of the holes had water in them and it was challenging to get the ball in but that made it more fun! It was very windy and my hair kept blowing all over the place.

Anyway, the staff member who gave us the balls and clubs told me she thought we were brother and sister, not mother and son. I loved that, Ian hated that (he doesn't WANT to look older than he is). I was 48 then and Ian wa 14, so for her to think we were both in our 20's or something like that really thrilled me. I'm usually thought to be around 30. It embarrassed Ian to be thought of as being so much older.

I explained to him that teenagers are supposed to want to "be" or "appear" older and that us "older folks" want to "appear" younger than we do. HE didn't get it. I know that if I had a daughter instead of a son, she would have been thrilled to be thought to be 20 something!
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