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Originally Posted by DougR.
Originally Posted by Snoozeman
Originally Posted by DougR.
Stuff that I have eaten:

-Possum Stew (Misissippi)
-Armadillo Sausage (Texas)
-Menudo (Texas)
-Catfish Pizza (Alabama)
-Haggis (Scotland)
-Steak & Kidney Pie (England)
-Jellied Eel (England)
-Bull Testes (Spain)
-Scrapple (NJ & Pa)
-Somthing that appeared to be a grashopper on a stick (Korea)
-Fish Head Stew (NY)
-Milk Bone (NJ)
-Gator (Fl)
-Rattlesnake (OK)
On purpose? :o

Actually good for you. I usually try the local dishes, within reason.
All were on purpose although a few were under the influence of alcohol and the Milk Bone (Yes Mike, the one you tossed to Kramer ) on a $10 dare back when I was a teen.

Scrapple I would eat every day if I could.
I thought there might be a few dares & beer involved.

Menudo will cure a hangover! That why it's usually featured on weekend breakfasts.
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