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Default Re: Fishing/Weather

Originally Posted by richluv4u
Hey Case,

So how was the fishing in Juneau? Did you catch very many fish? I take it your on a cruise ship or are you a local? I will be in Skaway on July 10th and hook up with a company out of Haines to go fishing. The explain to me that the Hailbut will be coming into shallow waters at that time also King Salmon.
Fishing yesterday was a bit slow, but I suspect the tides had a bit to do with things... my guests couldn't make their tour until just after low tide, and the King Salmon bite has been just before low tide this week.

I'm definitely not "on" a cruise ship, unless you consider the Can Can to be one! Born and raised Juneau local... I'm a "native Alaskan" but NOT and "Alaskan native"...

Reading around the various forums, you'll find that of the major cruise ports, Haines/Skagway comes LAST for quality fishing experiences. Both towns are at the extreme Northern end of Lynn Canal, with only a few fish bearing streams and rivers to attract fish. Juneau, on the other hand, has over 200 fish bearing streams, and much larger runs of salmon. The halibut are arriving near Juneau right now, and only the smaller fish that travel three times the regular distance will end up near Skagway. (Sitka is really my favorite port for fishing around here, as it's right on the ocean - no "waiting" for fish to come inland.) I know most of the operators out of Skagway and Haines. No matter what the fishing is like, you WILL have a great time. Just be sure to check up on the safety record and 5-Star rating of whichever vessel you choose to fish from.

Oh, sorry to hijack a weather thread with so much fish talk... if anyone's still interested in the weather, it's mostly blue sky and sunny with a few high scattered clouds today... great day to be here! (Then again, that can change with only a few hours' notice...!)

Happy Alaska Travels!
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