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Not sure which one was the most embarrasing, both are pretty well up there. On 2 different cruises about 3 years apart I was chosen by different comedians to go up on stage. Naturally both times was on the first night of the cruise and that meant I would be plastered on the video diary segments for the next 7 days. The first episode I ended up wearing a gold jacket and the huge rubber head of hair that was to make me look like Elvis and sing a few Elvis tunes. That was pretty embarrasing. The second time he actully pulled 3 different passengers on stage and the audience voted by applause to detemine who had to perform, the problem was no one knew what the performance was to be. Well the majority of the nice passengers applauded for me and I had to put on this wild and wooly long braided wig and sing Motown tunes. This time though the comedian ask if there was someone special in the audience that I would like to sing to. Yes I did pick my wife out of the crowd and now the spotlight was on her. By the time I finished the tunes she had buried her head in her lap. I apoligized to her in front of the audience, but I had to get the spotlight off of me for a little while. Eveyone who attended that show new both of us by name the entire cruise. Hopefully these things won't happen to us again!!

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