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The aqua pool will be a passenger pool when it is not being used for shows. It is the biggest fresh water-passenge pool at sea. It also looks like the tiers around the aqua stage have chaise recliners for sunbathing. (some pics show benches, though)

I can't envision an RCI ship without a waterpark for the kiddies. So here is something interesting...

Four "neighborhoods" we haven't seen yet are the ice-skating rink, the atrium, the front/top pool area and the casino deck (I am guessing, just using the process of elimination).

It seems to me that they leave you with the impression that Central Park leads into the Boardwalk, but they are actually separated by an atrium. Look at these pictures:


Both neighborhoods have a tall, solid wall of glass at one end. To me this implies an atrium separates them.

Furthermore, I just read a news account that the Boardwalk is flanked by only 229 cabins at six decks high. This implies it is not a long as it appears in the renderings which show about 360 separate balconies.

Central Park, Boardwalk and the atrium together only comprise half the ship. So there is still the whole front half of the ship for a pool deck, etc. on top. Furthermore, we haven't seen what the roof of Central Park is like.

In any case, look at this rendering, now obviously outdated.

Obviously the Boardwalk, the Atrium and Central Park combined don't equate to the whole top of the ship. Look at where the double stacks are (over the atrium). I predict the whole bow area (from the front and half of the way towards mid-ships) will be packed with interior rooms and a big pool deck on top.

Furthermore, if you look at this old rendering, you can see that the image has been changing as they reveal new aspects of the ship. This old rendering, still on the site, doesn't even show the Aquatheater.

"Strangely" enough, the full side view is the only rendering on the OOTS site where the high res picture does not come up (broken link). If it did come up, it would be a lot easier to guess what is going on the front of the ship. Perhaps a big waterpark with slides, four flow-riders in a row and the roller coaster (just kidding - maybe not).

If you look, there are actually a lot of discrepancies between the renderings, which means they are just approximations. That is OK, it is a work in progress. One thing though, Royal has a record of saving the best for last (they announced the Flowriders just before Freedom came out).
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