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Default Never thought I would say this

But, just back from a land based vacation / family wedding in Spain and the hotel was brilliant, as was the food, service etc.

PLUS, we had DAYS to experience this fantastic place, and find our fav bars and restaurants etc,,,,and explore without worrying about getting back to ship, or being left behind becuase we were late,,,,mmmm.

Think I'm getting bored with the same old ports and the "be onboard" timescales, so going back to land based vacations.

But the lines could have helped here, they could do more overnights in some ports and let people really experience the places they are visiting.

But no its just bigger ships visiting the same old ports, and same old timescale to leave ship and get back on, with people not actually experiencing the place. And the bigger the ships and in a short port stay, the less chance you have of discovering anything apart from CROWDS

That’s my gripe, sorry cruising; I'm taking my money back on land unless things change and we can sail and are given the chance to really discover the destinations.
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