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Paul, Boardwalk is aft of the Viking Crown Lounge/atrium and Central Park is forward of it. The front of the ship above the bridge is the solarium, and the cantilvered hot tubs will be at the aft part of the solarium. What I have heard from someone who works at Aker Yards, and has been posting on another forum for months now, is that the pools will be on either side of the top deck above Central Park. The sports deck will be at the top of the ship aft on top of the area that looks like a bridge over the aqua theater. No word on H20 zone yet. Oh, and all the hi res pics are loading just fine for me, so it is easier to see what is where. And if you look at pics of the model ship they had at the unveiling in NY, you can see where central park begins and ends. It is much longer than it looks. It goes all the way from the aft atrium to the forward atrium.
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