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Who presented these Independent Crime Statistics? They compare the rate from 03-05 to 2007 this is a clever way to spin the numbers. What was the rate in 2006? Why wasn't that year used? Maybe it didn't support the bill? No that couldn't be it.
it was our old friend Ross Klein from CruiseJunkie whom I refer to in my first post. He gave the same skewed statistics in the Comgressional hearings with John Kerry just last week.

The International Cruise Victims (ICV) have been spouting these skewed stats for years now. It is really laughable how Klein presents himself as a statistician, but it is obviously his stats are so mangled to reach the conclusion he wants.

To Kerry's credit, he was not impressed with Klein's rambling on and the repeated insinusations about the cruise lines lying.

It kills me how one US Representative in particular, Matsui of California, has swallowed everything this group of disgruntled people has to say. My theory is that people like congressmen(women) Matsui and Shays know nothing about the cruise industry and see it as an easy target for making themselves look like the have a cause.

But what they don't realize is how many people like us are very familiar with cruising and we don't buy the statistics these goofballs keep spouting at all.

The truth is, there have been a few very sad cases in the cruise industry, and they have all found one another at the ICV web site, and their goal is to make a few cases lool like the tip of an iceberg and that the cruise industry is covering up. That just isn't so. If the cruise lines were really covering up you would be hearing about new cases all the time.

The ICV kept bringing up Mindy Jordan at Kerry;s hearing until Kerry said "Isn't there a video of that case?" The video clearly shows she was stupidly trying to cross balconies outside during a storm and lost her grip.

I just don't understand these people who think the cruise lines are responsible for people's own Darwinian actions. These people have our sympathy, but don't denigrate an industry I love because some of the passengers did stupid things.

You can access a video of last week's Senate hearing online at John Kerry's web site.

They said "she was in an abusive relationship!" as if that is the cruise line's fault. As if they would even know her personal life at all.

Why don't people understand that just because you go on a cruise you don't sign away personal reponsibility for your own actions?
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