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Introduced versions.
72435. For the purposes of this chapter, “ocean ranger” means
an employee of the Department of Justice who is a marine engineer
licensed by the United States Coast Guard and certified to perform
environmental monitoring, has successfully completed all training
required pursuant to Section 832 of the Penal Code, and is a peace
officer as described in subdivision (v) of Section 830.3 of the Penal

Last Version
(e) “Ocean ranger” means either of the following:
(1) An investigator specified in subdivision (b) of Section 830.1
of the Penal Code or a peace officer of a public law enforcement
agency in the state if the department entered into a contract with
the public law enforcement agency for the provision of this
(2) An environmental marine ranger provided by an entity
pursuant to a contract with the department under Section 72435.2.
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