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It is interesting to see the unions backing the bill. I am sorry to say the maritime unions in the country are VERY anti-cruise industry. And obviously they contribute a lot to political campaigns.

Another antagonist is Oceana (of which Ross Klein was and still may be on the advisory council). Read this article about Google banning their ads:

It is obvious Klein is not pro-victim, he is simply anti-cruise industry.

It is also interesting to see so many police groups opposed to the bill. Frankly I am glad for their support, but I wish I knew the exact reasoning behind it. Did they see it as a threat to their power, or just a waste of resources?

By the way, at Kerry's hearing the ICV kept saying the cruise lines threatened to stop cruising out of California if the bill passed.

Isn't it interesting that the ICV thinks the cruise industry is nothing but a blight, but if they threaten to stop cruising the ICV calls them unfair. Now, I am not saying the cruise lines ever threatened to do that. The CLIA spokesperson said they never made such a threat, it was untrue.
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