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This picture (not officially released) shows the ship from the top. Do you see what I see? I see Central Park is the open space most forward, and we know the Boardwalk is open to the stern.

Doesn't it look like there is yet another "neighborhood" between the two of them which will also be a similar open space? Or is that just the bridge over Central Park? I do see pools and a golf green at the stern, but this doesn't really match what newer rebderings of the Boardwalk looks like.

You can't really see the boardwalk in this picture at all (strangely, but all of the renderings have been different).

I am fairly certain the front area is central park, because the video I captured these from zooms in there and shows Central Park features.

BTW: I don't see the pools previously referred to, but I can see there is certainly room for them.
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