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It's not another neighborhood, it's all central park, which is the length of the promenade below. And that is the bridge over CP. They left the space blank because they knew people like you would capture it and zoom in, and they don't want you to know what it looks like yet. lol. But the pools will most likely be forward of the bridge on each side, and maybe h20 zone aft of the bridge? Or similar? Time will tell. And that is the sports deck at the aft of the ship. If you look at the boardwalk/aqua theater renderings, you will see an area above the very aft of boardwalk that will hold all of that. If you look closely at some of the hi res pics, you can see The Beach Break Bar up there, and the sports desk. I heard there will be 2 flowriders. What you are not seeing is the area below and aft of the sports deck, which is the Aqua Theater. This video was released before the latest unveiling, so they didn't want you to see that yet.
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