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By the way - the one thing I should add is that I do see one problem, the fact that the ships are required to make a "public" crime reporting log. The problem with this is it asks them to make all "allegations" of crime public - unvetted. This is like reporting before you get the facts.

Not only is this a problem in the sense that it could show a lot of "crimes" that in the end are not crimes, but even worse, the cruiselines themselves are usually not privy to the outcome or ongoing staus of any case under investigation.

The one thing everyone seems to be missing is the problem isnot with the cruise lines - it is with the follow-up. What they need is a government authority (within the FBI or hatever) dedicated to solving these reported crimes.

In fact, the problem is not lack of reporting in the vast majority of cases, it is lack of follow-up by the FBI.

Why doesn't the ICV mention this even once during a hearing? Because they care more about their vendetta against the cruise lines than they do about actually making ships safer and getting any victims true resolution when the rare crime does occur.
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