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I do agree we are all different in size and build,,thats nature. But if the airlines limit everyone on baggage weight and that determines the price of your ticket, ie one bag each and at a max of 20 kilo or 44 pounds each. mmm.

The baggage allowance at check in weight is reducing as far as I can see, but that's still only one side of the story.

Sorry, but the physical size of the passengers must also come into it.

You admit you are 100lbs over your ideal weight, and your husband is also huge. Why should I be restricted on baggage or the space available to me in the “other” seat if I sit beside you, and because of your personal choice in life?

And just to pay for the experience in the weight of my baggage allowance and ticket?

It is your life, but sorry I should not be paying more for it
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