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Originally Posted by erikhag
Thank you Celeste and Nita.

In Reykjavik we will probably go to the Blue Lagoon. It might be a little too touristic but what I have heared, it´s not. We haven´t decided yet if we shall go on a shipexcursion or if we shall go by our own. The shipexcursion will cost close to $100 and if we go by our own it will be around $50 but since the whole trip will cost at least $6000 each, $50 extra doesn´t feel very much...

I have looked on a map of Reykjavik and think that the Jewel will dock so that buses to the Blue Lagoon will pass the centre of Reykjavik, will they let people go off the bus when passing the centre on the way back to the ship or will we have to go back to the centre after the buses stops by the ship?

I know that Iceland is very expensive but the Swedish currency is strong now so for us Iceland have become cheaper the last years. Do you know if they accept credit cards even for small purchases? Do we need to get any Icelandic kronor or will a credit card do?

Peggy´s cove is one of the alternatives we are thinking about for when we are in Halifax.

Anyone knows if the centre of St John´s is close to where the ship dock and is there anything to see there?
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