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Default Will US Direct program allow access to Canada (DUI)

My parents were nice enough to bring me and my boyfriend along with them on an Alaskan cruise (on their dime!). My boyfriend had a DUI a number of years ago. I'm aware that Canada denies access for those with a DUI conviction, but here is my question:

We fly into Alaska for a week of land excursions. Our cruise then leaves the second week out of Whittier, Alaska. All of the stops along the cruise are in Alaska with one exception - the final stop is in Vancouver, where we need to fly out of.

I'm extremely nervous that my boyfriend will be detained when going through customs in Vancouver in our efforts to fly back to the U.S. (also afraid that they won't even allow him to disembark to GO to the airport). We've tried to go through the very complicated process of getting "rehabilitation" as per Canada's procedures, but no luck. The various agencies couldn't supply us with the paperwork we requested.

Can we use the US Direct program to disembark the cruise ship and successfully go to the airport and fly back to US? I've read that they put a seal on the bus and everything, so you officially don't touch canadian soil. I've tried calling canadian consulate (all I get is a recording), and various other cruise "experts" , customs "experts, etc. No one seems to be able to definitively answer my questions.

All we want to do is leave canada as soon as we dock. I'm desparate to find a solution here, otherwise my boyfriend won't be able to go, and we'll owe my parents thousands of dollars for the cruise.

Can anyone help? please please please.

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