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How lucky to get to do two Alaska weeks! We cruised on the Island on it's 2nd voyage and loved that ship! We had a mini-suite w/balcony and I wouldn't cruise Alaska w/o a balcony. The mini-suites are only about $600/cabin more for 7 days and well worth it. If you will be on there for 2 weeks, you will appreciate the extra room in the bathroom, the closet and your sitting area. My favorite thing on the Island in Alaska was that the entire front deck has see-tru glass and there are no obstructions for viewing. For sure, you will find enough excursions in each port to make each port very different. We just booked the Sapphire for our 2nd Alaska cruise in July 2009 but would have loved to be on the Island but we couldn't coordinate our pre-cruise adventures with the Monday departure from Anchorage so went with the Sapphire. Hope this helps!
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