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Originally Posted by Nothin but blue skies
Originally Posted by Sherrie Platt
I take a small notebook so I can remember what/where we are each day.
Helps with the photo identification when putting my albums together at home. I also get perscription diarrehea med from our DR before leaving home. My poor DH was quarentined to our cabin for 3 days as we had to
see the ship's doctor. I wish there was a way to streamline our medications - DH takes about 15 each day and all those pesky bottles are
a pain.
Sherri - you can get a 7 day pill organizer to pack his meds and not take all the bottles with you. the pharmacist can print out extra labels for every prescribed medicine he takes and can also print a sheet that shows the picture and description of each pill. As long as you have the extra labels and the description, you should not need every bottle of pills. While I don't take a lot of meds, I made sure that I had extra labels printed out for my inhalers so I could attach them to the actual canister instead of having to bring all the boxes with the labels.

The extra labels will also help in case you need to call the doctor or pharmacist while you are away from home.
We are traveling out of the country (South America) - as I don't know about the different drug laws - wouldn't it be safer to take the actual
bottles?? (I like your idea but can't afford for my DH's meds to be confisicated.)
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