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Did you post this on Reader's Reviews or Cruise Reviews? That would be the proper place for it. If someone is wanting to check out the ship or itinerary, your views would be read there, along with others to give a balanced view. We were on the Summit for 14 days in December and disagree with you on almost every point!
The food in the DR was exceptionally good, wait staff professional but also very personable. At the buffet we also enjoyed very good food, even crisp bacon (although we rarely eat heavy breakfast foods like bacon and eggs and stick to fruit, cereal, nuts etc.) entertainment was usual ships entertainment but very good. Music venues throughout the ship were also very enjoyable....Jefferson Ang, concert pianist Avner Arad, Elk Island Quartet, etc
I felt obliged to reply to this post as it paints such a dreary picture of life on the Summit. I maintain that one's attitude colors a lot one's experience. I will board the next Celebrity ship with a big smile on my face and the knowledge that I am one of the few lucky people in this world who can go on a beautiful ship and enjoy all it has to offer. I hope I never become so callous as to board with a critical eye and a constant comparing attitude. (Not to suggest this was the case with the poster). Perhaps part of the problem was that the poster's expectations were for "upscale" cruise experience and in fact, it is better but not a lot different than RCL.
On disembarkation, the staff were there as we lined up, but the cruisers leaving were so rude and impatient, that the staff could say little. What on earth would you expect from the captain other than "I hope you have an enjoyable trip home".......perhaps a personal handshake with each passenger?
Our next cruise (always Celebrity!) will be with best friends who are virgin cruisers. It will be good to see things through their eyes and enjoy the experience with them.
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