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Thanks guys some great posts above, but to be honest we seem to have a split camp.

We have those have done all the same ports, but never experienced them at night, those that just want to be on a ship and to heck with the port. And those like my good friend babe who feels they are getting priced out the market,,,thats a really good point made and good scenario that actually deserves a thread on its on.

Yes there are still deals out there, agreed. But this may be an age thing, having done "it" for so long, the bigger ships are not my answer to the future of cruising, personally I would appreciate more time in a port, to experience and enjoy,,the ship is but the transport to that place.

Does any drive X miles to a place they want to visit and view it from the car? or the car park they set down in?....No you dont, no matter how nice your car is, same goes for ships. Park up, stay there and let us have some quality time.

Think about it, it could actually reduce ship and people numbers hitting "the usual" ports in any day, thats got to be good
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