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Originally Posted by LisaK
i understand this is designed as a "master list" but it is a bit of over-kill, especially for first-time cruisers. a couple of things pop out at me right away. Unless you are planning on a jungle excursion you wont need bug spray, never have brought Calimine lotion, hydro-cortisone cream works just as well and is good for other things too. if the ship has a self-service laundry room there is no need to bring laundry detergent unless you are super allergic. toilet paper? why would you need that? Most cruise lines supply shampoo and conditioner that is of a good quality, you really don't need that unless you have hair issues that require salon quality products, most cruise lines also supply hair dryers in your stateroom, they work pretty good, unless you have super-long or super thick hair, they aren't as powerful and your own.unless you are a clean-freak i don't see the need for disinfectant wipes, your cabin is clean, a few innocent germs are good for you. DO NOT bring your passport with you on shore excursions, lock it in the safe in your room, bring a photcopy of the page with your picture and information, never felt the need for any type of air freshner products, open the door to the balcony or the window(if they open) and let in the fresh sea air
NEVER...NEVER...go anywhere on foreign soil without your passport!!! If you are stopped by the police or need to give proof of ID, almost all countries will not accept anything but your passport. Without your passport with you, you are considered no more than an illegal alien...subject to possible jail and deportation. Even the local US consulate will not help you without proof of citizenship!!
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