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With me, it is probably an age thing. As I got into my 60s I got grumpier! I no longer tolerate accomodations of less than about 250 sq. ft. (plus balcony). I can no longer tolerate ships with 3000 passengers, where my port time is wasted waiting in line to get off or get on. (And waiting in line onboard for everything as well.) I can no longer tolerate being nickeled and dimed for everything at inflated prices.

Time was, a few short years ago, I could cruise on ships with 300, 500, and 700 passengers, with accomodations and service as described above, without having to sell my children and grandchildren to do it. BTW, many of these cruises included much more port time than the big ships, and none of it was spent in line! Now, with prices on those cruises doubled, its a different story, and I can find no "takers" for the kids and grandkids. Rather than go back to crowded accomodations, lines and crowds, and nickle and diming, I prefer to stay home, if that is the only option. Europe and many destinations are out, because the devalued dollar has made land stays there prohibitive as well. But while I have been cruising all over the world, I have ignored much in my own country that we want to experience. It's time for that now, mostly.
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