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Well, the airlines won't have to worry about the weight of the passengers
as less and less people will be flying - then they can take their empty
seats and put them in their empty pockets. This is all based on "averages"
and the skinny balance out the endowed. And IF a person is so large
as to need two seats - then of course, they should pay for them. (I am sure they are completely aware of that already!) However, why should a person be discriminated against because they may not be a size 5 or 6 - this reasoning may hold water with some airlines but you can bet the
lawyers will have a field day when passengers are refused traveland start with the lawsuits. Sounds
like the South before Kennedy and Martin Luther King - let's all sit in the
back of the plane because we are "second class" citizens. My money is
just as green as yours and spends the same way - I should be entitled
to the same products and services.
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