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Originally Posted by kmm44
I don't think open dining is being considered.
However, I just found out that the stupid, archaic and unenforceable rule of requiring formal attire to be worn in all public areas of the ship on formal night is GONE!!!
Smart casual is now acceptable for those wanting to change into more comfortable clothes. Staying formal is, of course, still an option.
"Formal evening dress code standards will be enforced in the main dining rooms and specialty restaurants on all formal evenings." NOT the whole ship.
Congrats to X for finally joining the more casual/sensible 21st century.
Although it appears it is being changing your characterization of Celebrity's policy as stupid, archaic and unenforeable is not very accurate. I would certainly say it was not stupid since most Celebrity cruisers for most of Celebrity's history have agreed with the policy. I would tend to agree with you about it being archaic. It was definitely enforceable as evidenced by Celebrity's first 15 or so years when they actually enforced it so that comment is totally not accurate. Celebrity chose not to enforce it which is different from being non enforceable.

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