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Good Morning ladies and gents!!!!

I did check out that make-up thing and I would LOVE to go to that. We would come out of there with so many free samples too. That is when I wish I was in that line of industry since on the tickets you do have to show proof of your profession. DARN!!! I wonder if the excuse of 'you HAVE to look good when writing computer programs for people' would work??!!!

WTG on pic of the day CQ!!

Kat I will end up trying your recipe. It looked very good. Capers are so underrated.

Bahama - wish I could be there to help you. I MISS MISS MISS having a garden and canning. It is so relaxing to do that. When I was married we had a garden and I canned what we had; it is always rewarding in the winter to have fresh greenbeans, tomato sauce, just everything. AND you know it is not going to have salamonella, blah, blah, blah, crap in it on it and all that.

I've got bahama's weather today. It is supposed to rain and I can sure feel it. My head started in yesterday with a headache and it's all cloudy looking now.

Had a good sleep in today since I have already started my holiday and vacation. The kiddies and I are going to the movies today, they picked out tacos for dinner, and make the more than 7 layer salad for tomorrow.

IF I dont get a chance to jump on tomorrow, I hope everyone of you have a wonderful Fourth of July. We all deserve day off and for those that may have to work - just take it easy! Be safe and be careful!!

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