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Good Morning All,

Happy Birthday USA!!!

It was a cool46 degrees when I walked the dog this morning. It should be warming up, but that really cools the pool off, so it makes me a little annoyed.

Yesterday was tres productive! Got all my work done at church, got house picked up (not cleaned - but presentable) home paper work is done. Float is parade perfect. I'm stiff and sore today, but I hope that the fruits of our Labors will be well worth the effort.

Off to the parade soon, than I will be at the whim of my family the rest of the day. Traditionally I dedicate the days around the fourth to my side of the family (as Thanksgiving, Christmast Eve and Easter all get dedicated to dh's side). Now my in-laws sort of expect us to go their today. I don't like to say no, but I didn't really give them an answer. I will probably have to get out there at some point, as I would like to see my niece in town, but I did just spend all day there on Father's family always seems to take the backseat, and they don't always appreciate that. I always seem to have some sort of dilemma...

But my immediate goal is the parade and maple cotton candy. Beyond that I am not trying to plan.

Hope everyone has a lovely Friday...enjoy your day off if you have one.
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