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Well, I tend to disagree - this will be our 4th cruise (we are in our 60's) and didn't have the time or money when our children were growing up.
I think you will always have people who are "hooked" on cruising just like
some go to Vegas several times a year or down to Florida or the islands
on a regualr basis. In fact, we were looking at a week in Grand Caymen
or Aruba in January and the prices were outrageous - we are doing a
repositioning cruise for 30 days for not much more than that week in
Aruba would have cost us. And as far as seeing the good 'ole USA - unless
the price of gas goes down - I think most will stay closer to home. "Damned if you do and damned if you don't. (Oops, hope I don't get yelled at for that??).
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