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Default Return Flight from Val to Orlando

Does anyone have an estimate as to when these flights leave Valparaiso??
I think most leave in the evening - does that mean we arrive in Orlando
the NEXT morning?? (can't figure out the time changes). About how long
a flight would this be?? I have booked that part of the air through RCCL and am told I won't be getting my air schedule until 30 or 60 days prior
to my original departure from the states. I am trying to make my return flight res. from
Orlando back to Buffalo for the same day we arrive but don't want to
cut it too short - I probably would
book the last flight out of Orlando to Buffalo in the evening (and I am not
comfortable with the idea of leaving my return "open" and hoping to get
the flights I want back home.) - Also, as this is a long flight, do you think
should I look into renting a "day room" at the Orlando airport so we can
rest and get rid of some of the "jet lag" (My DH does have some health
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