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Default Re: NOLA

Originally Posted by Snoozeman
Originally Posted by xCalBear
Originally Posted by Snoozeman
If you don't know what it means, you probably shouldn't be giving advise about it.
Pardon me for being young and stupid. I still have many things to learn. So, kindly educate me on the meaning and whereabout of Nola, please. I do know for a fact that Texas has three ports for commercial cruise, but only one is open for business. Unfortunately, Carnival is the only player in Texas (for now). Other cruise lines boycott Texas port authority because of high port tax and fee.

Now, assuming you're from nowhereland, Texas; Lousiana port is still the next nearest port for Texas residents. Am I correct???
JFGI--or try:

Yes, you have a lot to learn.
Learning is my passion ;-) btw, can you just tell me in your own word about Nola??
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