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Good Morning Gang - I see everyone is pretty much back and at 'em!

The weekend was great - the 4th was probably the best we've had in yrs, the weather was perfect. Sat the same, and then Sunday turned hot.

Had a family reunion on Sat - which was ok, nothing exciting - not a lot of warm fuzzy feelings but the people I connected with were great and we had a good time and that's what was important.

Sunday was pretty warm, did our cook out on Sunday eve and DH and I finally got to spend some couple time even if it was only for an hour it was nice to have him in the house and talking!

Now, I'm back to work and hating every minute of it already and I've only been at the desk since 6:30!!!

I'm ready for a real vacation and really wish I could swing a cruise before the one in Jan, and it has to be a week!!

Well, I guess I'd better get back to work - it's good to be back amongst friends............ later.
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