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Default for all the right reasons

Hi Robert,

My name is Marianne and I'm a first time cruiser. I usually travel solo just because it's a different way to be and provides unique opportunities without the drama. I'm a teacher and have summers off. In the past, I've flown overseas but the prices were unpleasant. So since I have a few weeks off and didn't want to just do a US road trip, thought I'd try something new, I was shocked when I began researching cruises to find going as a single person would be almost paying for double occupancy.

My thoughts led me to checking out "singles" cruises thinking that would be a way to make the price more reasonable. That has proven not the case and I came across this site and now you. I live in Northern Arizona and would want to depart from San Diego port. I have from now until August the 2nd off from work. I've seen 5 day cruises listed on Carnival leaving this Saturday, the 12th, then the 17th, then the 21st that I'd like to find someone to share the cost with me.

I'm sane, 48, and I don't know your interests but mine range from playing the piano to attending Bad Religion shows. I love to travel and I am interested in learning all I can about everything. I'm a friendly sort of girl, but on this site, and not knowing you at all, I'll not share more until I hear back from you on here.

Let me know if this sounds like it might be something you're open to and interested in. I realize this is a last minute "hot" deal but I thought I'd give it a try.

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