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Default Price Change

Sorry to have to do this, but I soon learned (the day after I wrote it) that the price I had was incorrect (so I fixed it). Here are the true prices for Cabanas on board:

Eurodam offers private cabanas holding lush Balinese lounge chairs big enough for two people in two different areas of the ship. The "Lido Cabanas" are in the deck area of the main pool inside the magrodome. The other area is "The Retreat," high atop deck 11 forward, but facing astern. The Lido cabanas can be leased for $30 on port days and $50 on sea days. Retreat cabanas are $45 (port days) and $75 (sea days). Both come with flavored mineral waters, chilled fruit, Evian spritzes and champagne and chocolate-dipped strawberries served in the late afternoon. A masseuse can be summoned for a private massage for the same fee as in the Spa.

poolside: $30 port days $50 sea days
retreat: $45 port days, $75 sea days

Personally, I am not one to sit out by the pool even for free, so I wouldn't reserve these. However, they are especially nice on the Eurodam, this being a poolside one:

These are cheaper, and although they may be noisier, they have a better view and access to bars & food. of course, the "retreat" has wwaiter service.
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