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Default Mini Suits

I have been in a mini suite, the only noise, was from drunk fools stumbling down the corridore at 2:00 AM.

The deck you are booked contains one of the highest percentage of cabins of most decks, the center of the ship will have the highest level of traffic noise, the aft and foward cabins that are furtherest from elevator banks will reduce the corridore traffic noise.

The pros and cons of aft vs forward are of course varible, I have personally been in cabins located at the far forward. The wind across the veranda was so severe, that the veranda was not uasable.

I have also been on a inside cabin on the plaze deck, I could hear the anchor being dropped durning mooring, ofcourse the side thrusters will produce moderate vibrations when docking, but these type of distractions were positive in my view, I had a built in alarm when arrival at ports of call.

Happy Sailing
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